About Us


Palmetto Shrimp Company, LLC is locally owned in the Carolina's, with one single mission in mind! Our mission is to be a liaison between the boat and YOU! We focus our attention on ensuring that you get only the FRESHEST catch around town at the best price! WHY do we focus so much on the freshness you ask? Forbes Magazine found that

  • 43% of shrimp were misrepresented
  • 2/3's of grocery stores made some sort of untrue claim
  • 50% of the fraud was labeling fraud
90% of all seafood in the US is imported or farmed, almost none is inspected, and even higher for shrimp. This is a serious health concern for ALL Americans. Tested shrimp are found to have antibiotics, hormones, and dangerous chemicals and drugs!


The Eastern Coast of the United States has the BEST tasting shrimp you can find in the world so why waste your time anywhere else? Palmetto Shrimp Company guarantees a FRESH catch, HONEST pricing, and the BEST customer service.  Choose Palmetto Shrimp for your locally sourced seafood and catering events!